Homey and Nespresso (Krups) Expert&Milk

Hello community!

As far as I know Homey early 2019 models do have Bluetooth, right? Now, I am not very handy with bluetooth and stuff but I do have a big request for all of you who are!

We own a Nespresso (Krups) Expert&Milk coffee machine. This machine allows a Bluetooth connection with the Nespresso app and create coffee over Bluetooth, even with a timer. Now, let’s admit… It’s pretty awesome to start making some coffee when we get out of bed in the morning instead of using a fixed timer, right?

There are some Bluetooth hacks available and i’ve tried connecting the dots but it’s not my specialty and soo I failed. Does anybody here know how to do this?

Some Bluetooth hacks for this machine …

You could try posting a request in this topic:

I would love such an app too! :slight_smile:

I check this topic too, periodically. I wish there will be a solution to my problem someday. I also wish to do my morning cup of coffee remotely :blush:
We bought a Nespresso machine, the problem was with Café La Llave compatible capsules. It was very expensive to buy only original ones, so we tried new ways and new brands (found a good article about compatible pods). Unfortunately, Café La Llave capsules didn’t work well, so we decided to buy only original pods. I don’t know why they put these capsules in the article, there was no desire to buy another brand from this list.
The problem above was solved, and the only problem is remote access to making coffee :sweat_smile:

Are there any updates regarding this? i also have the same coffe machine Nespresso (Krups) Expert&Milk. And would love to have this feature or app.


Switchbot works with Homey.

Said my Expert & Milk goodbye.
Too picky on which cups it accepts, half of the time they’re stuck and the leakage container is always full…
Back to a good old simple Nespresso machine!