Nespresso vertuo


Is there a way to connect an nespresso machine to homey?

I’ve been wanting to buy a coffee machine that I can control by either google home or preferably with homey pro, is the vertuo one of these possible options?

If not does anyone have a recommendation for a coffee machine I could use?

If avaliable in your region, have a look on Siemens EQ 9 (TI9558X1DE) or Siemens EQ.900 (TQ907DF5).
I’m using the EQ 900 and I’m very satisfied.

Delonghi do have some machines in different price ranges.
For all supported machines, see list:

If you don’t yet have a Nespresso machine and want a coffee machine that you can connect to Homey…Don’t hold your breath. I have had a Nespresso machine for more than a year and the wifi integration, even to connect to their own app is horrendous. Bluetooth pairing almost always times out. After countless attempts, resets etc, the machine does appear in the list of devices in my UniFi controller but has zero data, zero insights, it doesn’t do anything. Several attempts to resolve with Nespress have been completely fruitless, their own phone app is pointless

Thanks for the recommendations, I’ll check it out :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t know why I haven’t thought about Simens products, because I literally have two simens ovens that I control trough Homey.

How would I go about connecting a Simens product to homey? Because I can’t figure it out😅

Yeah, I’ve heard that they aren’t the best so I’m mostly likely not going to get a nespresso :+1:

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