Homey advanced flows not visible in iOS16 web browsers

With iOS16 rc in Safari and in Chrome webbrowsers the advanced flows are not visible in the grid. Everything is working but the grid stays empty. This was already from the beginning of the beta and i know you cannot react on beta software but now the release candidate is out and there is still the same problem so i think we can say that it will also not work in the final version. Please fix this.

Advanced Flows don’t work on tablets they are just for desktop pc or laptop.

What MichZ describes also applies to MacOS Ventura, still in beta, We’ll see when the final and official version is ready.

That is not true if you use the browser. I use an iPad Pro and i believe it was beta 2 or 3 it worked.
In the app you cannot use advanced flows but the browser worked.

Ok this can be that it worked over the browser. The final version of iOS 16 will arrive on Monday. Maybe it will work again :wink:

Still not working in the final version, not in Safari and not in Chrome. Is this going to be fixed?

Forum users can’t help you with that. Maybe inform with Athom support?

Scroll down and look for “Customer Support”