Advanced Flow for iPad and similar?

I mean, there’s not even a really good reason for Advanced Flows not to work on mobile phones, but at least it should work on iPads and similar. Not only are modern tablets big enough, they are more than powerful enough. You can edit Advanced Flows in the browser on the iPad already, but it’s sort of a clunky experience because things like scrolling don’t work very well. I hope it’s on the horizon, because the current divide really is artificial for a «modern» user who’s ditched a computer for almost every other task. (Not shitting on computer users, that’s fine too).


It’s explained in the Ask me anything vid

If that cost a lot of development time to get it working as good as it works now with a Computer and a mouse. It is their company and as long as you are not paying their salary directly I think they have a really good reason to choose where they spend their time on and release now what they have.
They have said to choose to where they spend their time on.
Guess that makes that they do is what they think helps the most users with new options (vs fixing the WebApp parts that function well in the Mobile App)

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This is also just a first version of advanced flows, and while they adressed their reasoning for not supporting advanced flows for tablets and phones at this given time, to my knowledge they did not say never.

Some key things that make it that the advanced flows are not supported officialy on tablets is not only the screen size and the capabilities of the device but the UI itself, which is not ideal for touch interface. (dragging lines from one of the little nubs to other nubs,…) Meaning for a good enough user experience they will need to revisit this concept from a mobile perspective. This is the main reason for not supporting advanced flows for tablets and mobiles, not the size of the screen or the capabilities of the device.

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I think at some point its worth to do a sweep to see if some of these problems are easily fixable. We just have not done that yet since it would have delayed release.

What are some things that are not working btw?

There are some quirks you just have to learn to be able to select and move a node, but that’s not too annoying. The most glaring issue working in Safari on an iPad Pro is scrolling around the canvas. You can’t really scroll long stretches, you can tap and drag to scroll maybe a few cm, and then you just have to frantically tap and drag to scroll long distances. Also if you need to connect cards on opposite sides of a large canvas, you can’t just grab a line and hope to get scrolled as you move it. So you have to move cards around (slowly, first moving the card, then frantically tap-scrolling, then moving card again, and so on) to get them close enough to attach lines between them. I don’t know if the computer version let’s you zoom in and out, but that would also be a handy feature on the iPad :sweat_smile:

Oh, and worth mentioning, I use an attached keyboard and trackpack with my iPad Pro. You need the trackpad to be able to longpress to select and move nodes. You can’t do that with touch on the screen. But you use touch on the screen to (try to) scroll around, because that doesn’t work on the trackpad.

Also after working a little while, the whole thing can lock up and not let me select or move any nodes anymore. Then I just have to reboot Safari and reopen the web app.

I appreciate that you have to make certain priorities with your development resources, but I bought the Homey Pro because it was heavily advertised as the best way to supercharge HomeKit. There are many of us who live entire lives within the iOS ecosystem. So it was just a let down that the currently best part of Homey Pro was kept off limits. I sold my MacBook years ago because I just didn’t need a computer for anything else :sweat_smile:

Its a really valid point not actually having a computer I will use that one internally :wink:

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Hi Nick! With all due respect, have you used a modern tablet? These types of user interfaces work great on tablets. My iPad is accompanied by the excellent Apple Pencil that touts extreme precision in scenarios like these when I’m working directly on the screen. I also do high precision work on photos, drawings, 3D modelling, etc etc. And if that somehow doesn’t suit me, I’ll just click it onto the magic keyboard that features a trackpad just like any laptop. I’m not very familiar with Android tablets, but I think some of them at least feature precise pencils. Making advanced flows from the comfort of my couch is actually a really pleasing experience minus the above mentioned quirks that are definitely fixable if they are able to allocate the resources to do it. I just hope they plug the entire canvas into the app, because there is no reason why that wouldn’t be an awesome experience. Coming from someone who exclusively use a tablet for work and personal tasks.

Hi john, you’ve got me. Sadly I’m in the 68.5% bracket of people who don’t use an apple tablet but instead I use an android tablet from a chinese manifacturer. Where a stylus is an accessory that is often not included. When I tried to run advanced flows using my 3 year old android tablet I felt it heat up to the point where infertility is almost guaranteed. Don’t worry though, my wife and I decided that two kids are more than enough.

So that aside, I hope that when athom makes a mobile version, Its a version that runs comfortably on every mobile device and isnt just an iframe of their desktop edition. And I understand fully that they released this web app before trying to move to a mobile app. Cause even us android users deserve a smooth working experience and a right to reproduce.

well… it is working here fine in safari on ipad pro 11” 2018.
and yes, on a desktop it works better with mouse. If you also have an external keyboard, you can use the normal keys for support, like, alt-click = run from here, space + swiping = drag canvas, etc.

however, I wish there was native support for it too though! But i am sure it will come. otherwise it is damn hard to edit while on the way.

Emile said in some vid: “only 10% use the Homey app on tablets, so that’s why we didn’t …”. I’m not sure if web app tablet users were also included in the query results?
F.i. my tablet is 11 years old, with newer firmware. The Homey app won’t run, but the web app works fine :wink:

No news about a native mobile iPad / tablet web app for advance flows :frowning:

Don’t know what you guys using for tablets, but on my Galaxy Tab A9+ it works fine!!!
In the standard Browser i can access Advanced Flows and edit them.
Just put the URL link in the brower, log in, and it works!!!

Yeah it works great @ Android + a browser.
But I can’t draw the lines between cards? How did you manage to do that?

That does not work (yet).

Ah I see. One issue is, that functionality depends on “hovering” with the pointer, but we can’t “hover” with a touch screen.

But guess what, I just paired a Bluetooth mouse with my phone, and it works, with the Firefox browser :tada::beers:


Now I’m curious why this wouldn’t work with iphone ipad devices?

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I am going to try this when i have a Bluetooth mouse…

I only have a Iphone and there it’n not working.

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Tried it also with a BT mouse and keyboard and it works on my Samsung S22 Ultra and my Tab S7 Pro.
But only with Firefox. With Chrome i can not move the cards.
Maybe a setting in the browser.

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Yes, same here, Mike. I’ll update my post.

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