Homey 2.0.0 Community App Compatibility List

Update on Hive from Athom:
"Thank you for reaching out and your question. Due to the really low user count, we have decided to stop the development for the app. "

Well, gee, thanks Athom - given Hive are the biggest smart thermostat in the UK (https://essentialinstall.com/news/smart-home/hive-is-the-uks-most-popular-smart-thermostat-besting-nest/) it doesn’t bode well for UK market support…

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Smart presence is updated to a new version. Can anybody report this version is working on 2.0?

Have it running yes.

Hi, does anyone know if the Slide app is compatible with 2.0 ?
(I’m considering to order one)

I think @Jorden should be able to answer that.

Slide app is 2.0 compatible but it’s based on the old Slide software version.

I have installed my new “final” Slides last friday, they work perfectly and I love them 100%. However, I’ve discussed the API with Thijs and there are 2 options:
1- “Local” network API => requires to turn a hardware switch. Everything will still work if internet is down, but the official Slide app will not work
2- Cloud API => will work “out of the box”, but when internet is down, Homey won’t be able to control it. However, you can still use the official Slide app (if internet is working) and when internet doesn’t work, you can still pull the curtains manually (which now feels “oldschool”, unless you turned on “Touch & Go” which means you can pull it one bit and it will fully open or close).

At first I thought option 1 was the way to go, until I learned that the official app won’t work anymore. Then I thought option 2 was the way to go but I have yet to receive the API details.

It will just take a few days for me to finalize the Slide app for Homey from that moment on, but I can highly recommend the Slides. Even with my 2 left hands it took less than 15 minutes for me to install the Slide, and it feels like magic when you see your curtains move automagicly. I love it almost as much as I love Homey and Hue, I love it even more than my Nuki :slight_smile:

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That’s strange, that the official app doesn’t work over local network is one thing but one having to make a choice (or in this case : you having to make a choice…). Feels a but like local access of LIFX, NUKI etc etc but with even more disadvantages?

The point is that the OS that is running on the devices, needs a SSL certificate imported to be able to connect to the cloud and cloud to the device. If that is imported a SSL connection is required on the OS, but the local cloud must work over http instead of https.

So this way, the cloud API makes most sense to me for the Homey app and I’ll focus on that once I get the documentation / information to build the app.

Hello Frans,

I am looking to buy the Benext P1 dongle. Is the gas consumption problem fixed? And is it also possible to check the solar panel consumption?

Lightwave RF gen.1 doesn’t work with latest firmware.
I see topic is from February. I bought homey pro and now I have to put it back in the box. All my equipment is lightwave RF.

Please release working version ASAP

I am rewriting the LIFX Lan Driver. If you are interrested PM me.

For anyone interrested. I published the new LAN driver app on GH. If you want to test it please go ahead and let me know how it goes. Any feedback is welcome: https://github.com/Shakesbeard/com.sdn.lifx-lan2

For anyone stumbling over this. Much newer verison is on the app store: