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Homematic - ansprechende Namen


I’m new to Homey since today. I’m using approx. 70 Homematic components and would like to complement them with actors and sensors from other vendors. As a start I have imported a few Homematic components to Homey and that works well, however: is theare a way to rename the imported components? I can’t really show my family a new interface with names like 000A9A49A4CF59 so I’m wondering how I can rename those actors and sensors tomore reasonable names

Many thanks to the community in advance. Answers in English or German would be perfect


It’s possible to rename every device.
Long tap on the device tile → Settings (gear wheel) → change the name → tap on the check mark

Ohh, thank you. I only used the web interfacse so far ans that function isn’t offered in the web interface, only on a smart phone. A feature request to the dev team should be raised
Many thanks again