History / Log of Homey activities

Hi, is there a way to log all the activity of homey? ie “this flow has been triggered at this time” with all the actions of the flows timestamped?

I want to check if all the actions i’ve set up in the flows are doing well and keep an history of all actions done by homey.

The papertrails app offers this. But you probably have to add a log action to your flows. Also, keep in mind that a log like that can become quite large.

Thanks. I don’t want ot keep the history for ever, the log can be cleared once a week or even once a day if it has been sent by mail.

I’ve seen PaperTrails but didn’t manage to use it yet. I’ll take a second look but it seems Papertrails can only log the text entered by the user. I was thinking of a timeline similar to what Jeedom offers:

Using papertrails for a long time now. Its great. Helped me solve many bugs in my flows.
But is does not log manual actions (Using a switch to turn a light on) Only flow actions.

That is correct. All myflows have cards now (both the Then and the Else)

True, but what is the problem? Never had an issue with the size.
But if you have, papertrails also has cards to clean up the log

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From: PaperTrails Log - Advanced Logging and Log management (v0.6.3)