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I have two Philips bulbs that I have assigned to an “office” room.

As they belong to the same lamp, I have created a flow with a virtual device to control the two bulbs at the same time.

But, is there any possibility of eliminating the icon of the two bulbs and leaving only the icon of the virtual devices?

I put a screenshot in case it helps.

Thanks in advance

Unfortunately that is not possible. You could sort the unwanted icons into a “virtual spare room/zome” maybe.


Use the app << group >>

Hi all,

I had tried a lot and imagined the answers.

Thank you all !!

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Like Shakesbeard says!

This is my “Don’t use” Zone
(Starting with [8] puts it as last zone in my view; putting a z in front of it’s name f.i. will also do the job)