Here is how to activate dynamic hue scenes

All Philips Hue dynamic scenes start in a static mode.
The only solution to play the dynamic scene was to open the app and press play.
The API v2 HTTP request from Homey don’t work because of certificate issues with the SSL.

After searching a lot online, and after a lot of trying, I found a (probably new) line of code within the scene on the hue bridge. I think this will become available as an option in the native Hue app in the future. But as you can’t change this at the moment here is a simple guide how to auto activite your dynamic scenes.

Step 1
From a device on the same network as your hue bridge go to: and store your bridge IP address.

Step 2
Open the API Debug tool at https://192.168.1.XX/debug/clip.html
[Change the IP address to the IP address of your hue bridge]

Step 3
In the debug tool fill in the following
URL: /api
Message Body: {“devicetype”:“xxx”}
Now hit the big button on the top of the Hue bridge
Within a few second send this command by pressing "POST"in the clip API tool.

The response will contain your “username” which you need in the next step.

Step 4
Now fill in the tool like this. In the second header field you fill in your “username”

When you press “GET” you get a list with all your scenes.
Store the ID’s of the scenes that you want to change into an automatic dynamic mode.

Step 5
The last step is to change the auto dynamic mode
In the debug tool fill in the following:

URL: https://192.168.1.XX/clip/v2/resource/scene/[YOUR SCENE ID]
Header 1st field: hue-application-key
Header 2nd fiel: [YOUR USERNAME]
Message Body: {“auto_dynamic”: true}

Now press “PUT”.

This is it!!
Now you can check if the change was successful by pressing te “GET” button

Auto Dynamic now should be TRUE.

If you now select the scene (with a remote/scene switch or any homey command) this scene will automatically start in dynamic mode.

Thanks mate!

Hue just updated the app for IOS. To enable autoplay for dynamic scenes.

You’re right, just updated the iOS app and indeed this option is now available in the app.

If anyone could get the http-request to work with SSL / HTTPS, it should also be possible to start and stop the dynamic scenes through Homey.

It should be possible. Just make the scene Autoplay in the Hue App. Then you can choose this scene in homey (activate scene) and it should play