Help with building a flow about arriving at another place than home


Is there a way to build a flow that sends a pushmessage when im arriving at work?


With a 3rd party geofencing app like Locative (iOS / Android, please see tutorial), Geofency (iOS), Apples Shortcuts or other and by using web hooks.

– Received a web hook
– Tag is exact “work” (for example)
– Send push message

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If webhooks are too much, life360 can do this for you too. There is a Homey app for that and it supports multiple geofences.

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imo Best option:
Place a Homey on your Work location :wink:

I created a Homey (beta) and placed it at my work location

And created a WebHook…

Just like @DirkG mentioned.

I have looked at your @Rocodamelshekima guide but i just dont get it :frowning: I cant find my Homey Cloud id and i dont understand how to get the url that you wrote… Plz help a newbie out? :smiley:

Or wait, i found it… But should i just edit the url you wrote and change it to contain my cloud id?


For me it looks like this:

Not like your picture: