[Help] Use current distance of last active user in a flow?

Hello there

I’m trying to build a flow that suggests me (by push notification) to turn off the heat if there is no one at home. I’ve added a few conditions for this to trigger automatically:

  • No presence active
  • Set temperatures in all heating devices are above 19 degrees
  • Etc…

But for the push notification asking me if heating should be turned off I would like to add a variable with info about how far the last active user of Homey is currently away from home.

Can I find this number anywhere?


Good question, what you can do is create a couple of circels around your house, fore example 1KM, 2KM, 3KM enz… Everytime somaone enter a circel u send en variable to homey with the number of the distance. I use Macrodroid on my android phone and with that app it is possible. With een iphone i have no idea…

Hm, could be an idea to do something like that. I do have an iPhone though.

Let me play around with this for some days. If I’m able to solve it, I’ll post a solution here for someone else to use.


Had similar issues and tried all available presence apps and workarounds before I found something that worked for everyone.

We have both Android and iPhone devices in my family so what I use is Life360 for location precense , works well and you can add more than 1 location with different widths for you usercase.

One thing to think about is that there is a set delay of updating so if you need something while travelling fast to home and be sure it’s ran before you open the door use the smart presence app for that so when your phone connects to wifi it verifies the rest :slight_smile:

One example of this is that you have a small circle of 100 meters to do something and you just missed the default 3 minute update circle just before entering it it will take 3 minutes until it knows you are “home”.