Help to get this to Http request


I have a ventilation system that has a local web interface( When i press a button in that web interface the fan is forced to go on high for two hours.
I have located the code that is used for that and it looks like this:

Can this one be used with the HTTP Request app or something else?

You can possibly use the built-in Logic card “Make a METHOD request”, but it’s unclear what GetPostStr() does, so please provide a link to the code.

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If I use an modbus client on my phone i can send the command 2 to address 40202. But unfortunately homey does not have modbus client.

You’re going to have to find out what the specific HTTP request is that needs to be made, I’m not going to decipher what that blob of code means :grimacing:

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:joy: I will keep looking! Thank you!

Hey Robert!
Thank you for guiding me in the right direction!
I went in to Chrome browser and pressed f12 and there I found it when clicking on the button!

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