Help to develop wiser home touch schneider application

That is a very broad question :grinning:
Do you have programming experience and want to do it yourself or are you looking for someone to write an app for it?
Do you know if there is an API for wiser?
What technology does it use (radio, Ethernet, etc)?
Are you able to create the framework for a new app via the CLI?

Have you looked at the API documentation on the Homey Developer pages (

You will stand more chance of getting answers if you ask specific questions.

I don’t mean to sound hostile by the way, I am just trying to help.

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thanks for your feedback and your help
I’m looking for someone to create the application. Because I know that coding html I can not do more :frowning:
I don’t know if there is an API.
With the schneider wiser home touch hub it is wifi.
and as I understood each module connected to this hub works in zigbee (

thank you

OK, you say say you can code HTML so there is a chance you know some Javascript as that is used a lot with web pages. Homey apps are written in Javascript so maybe you would be more capable than you think in that area.
Implementing a web interface is one of the easiest ways to communicate if there is a public API for the hub.

To be honest, a developer would need access a device to be able to test the app, so unless there is someone out there that has one and is already and experienced dev then you are in a better place to write the app.
Once you get started it is a very enjoyable challenge and there are many examples of apps around plus the documentation on is a good starting point.

It would appear someone has already requested an app Homey Community App Requests
That link also contains some links to possible unofficial API stuff.

There is a new app for the devices, see But then you need to have the devices connected straight to Homey. Don’t know myself but think it would be more difficult to add the touch screen.

Ok, thanks for your help. I started to look at the documents for development but I am lost. I do not know where to start.
Super application I will test this.
do you think if i rewrite my modules at homey i could still use the home touch screen too?

I have a Schneider (Clipsal) C-Bus lighting system and several Wiser components but I think this is different to your Wiser setup. I have no ZigBee devices. On the Wiser side I have their Wiser Home.Automation Controller ’SHAC’

And also the Wiser II

I think at least one of these controllers support ZigBee though and the SHAC has MQTT capabilities which I use for my integrations, Otherwise my path to integration was direct C-Bus attach and using their protocol.

I don’t think any of this helps you unless your controllers are similar.



I cannot see your images the link does not work
here is the solution I have:
with the different modules for lighting and rolling shutter

Not sure why those links don’t work but they are very different products anyway so no use.


I come back to you I just tried the application, it works for my dimmer modules but the others are not yet compatible with this application. but the problem is that if I connect the module to the homey I can no longer use it with the home touch.
Do you know how I can contact the developer of this application?
Otherwise I will try on my side to integrate the home touch but I do not know where to start. Can you help me ?

thank you :slight_smile:

If you want to use the devices in both Homey and home touch then you will need have an app that makes Homey talk to the home touch as a ZigBee device can only be included in one network at a time as you have discovered.
To start you need to read the instructions here to create the initial framework of your app and then here to add drivers for each device type.

Also check out these examples to get an idea of the structure, etc, .
Look here for information about Node.js if you need to.

Ask any specific questions either here or on slack in the Homey developers channel

Good luck.


I am the creator of the Wiser app, and just as Rindler says, it is only for connecting the Wiser devices directly to Homey. Not the Wiser Home Touch.

Wiser Home Touch will not be supported, at least not in the near future. This is because I do not have access to any device to reverse-engineer the API from.

But I would really like to increase the number of Wiser devices supported in the app. I would have appreciated if you could create driver request for all devices you have that are not yet supported.

Request driver

If anyone has already reverse-engineered the API for Wiser Home Touch then I would appreciate if they could create a case on the link above and tell me.

Thanks, both for your
Tell me what I have to do to create the drivers from the device wiiser that j’ai and I can also do the wire home touch.
I’m ready to help you, I m willing to help you
Thanks Again


I just added the missing wiser products.

Can you tell me how to get the APIs from the Wiser Home Touch. If that can help you create the app for the wiser home touch

@h3rman did you support this kind of devices? [S520522W -SCHNEIDER] Variateur Odace Wiser blanc- poussoir- Schneider

Thanks for your help!

Hi @eskah, well I don’t have access to this device so unless I can get access of a device or someone can provide more info it’s highly unliky that I won’t add support for it.

It’s possible that the device is already supported in the ZB_1GANG_DIMMER_1 driver. Please try and report back in the link below.

I created a issue on the github page for the device. If you can provide a interview result of the device please post it there.

Hi. I noticed u are the creator of the wiser app, I connected my wiser push dimmer but homey say it’s don’t find any supporting apps and put my button as a zigbee base unit, it’s that correct? Or it’s some thing going wrong?

What Manufacturer and ModelID is it on the devce? You can look this up at url below.

tanks for the link, im very new on homey system.
here is that info

Schneider Electric NHPB/DIMMER/1
and thanks for the quick reply

Hi @h3rman,

May I know if Homey Pro supports the Schneider Wiser switch with the below model?


Thanks a lot.