Help on json script filter

I have figured out how to read a logic variable in a homey script using a for loop.
But I think it should also be possible and more efficient by using a filter.
However I have tried some variants without succes. See the example
// Get all logic
let logvars = await Homey.logic.getVariables()
for (const logvar of Object.values(logvars)) {
if (“radiatorhoog”) {
log('\n found logic var '+ + "temp is " +logvar.value);}
//now trying a filter
const advancedvar = await Homey.logic.getVariables(({filter: { name: “radiatorhoog” }}));
console.log(‘adva’ + advancedvar);

And the output is
found logic var radiatorhoogtemp is 20
adva[object Object]

So the filter is not working. Any ideas ?

Try logging it properly:

console.log('adva', advancedvar)

How simple can it be, thanks a lot for helping me out. :grinning: