Heimdall - Let Homey watch over your home

Hi @Ranney,
Please be aware that the Homey Pro Early 2023 firmware is still a Release Candidate and contains bugs. Athom is amongst others currently working on memory usage and it seems they are being a bit to strict on this so please report it to Athom.
Heimdall does nothing different from what it’s been doing for a long time and isn’t really using much memory.

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Good morning!

No problem and reported to Athom!
Did you see anything in the debug report about the reason of the restart of the app?

Again many thanks for the great app!! (Send you a beer :ok_hand:)

Hi Rob,

Thanks, much appreciated. The log just showed normal operation but as last entry ‘transport error’ which is one of the infamous bugs Athom is trying to solve for the new Homey.


Many thanks for your time!
I’m a little bit diving into this problem and what I see is the following:

  1. I use the flow: When the last person leaves the house, set Heimdall to ‘active’.
  2. Directly (within 60 seconds) after Changing this mode; Heimdall is crashing.

Is there anything I can do to ‘work around’ this problem? And if it is on Athoms side; what can I describe in a ‘bug report’ to Athom?
It is one of the apps I use most! Many thanks for your help!

To my knowledge there is no work around available for the Transport Error, but I do know Athom is trying hard to fix it.
Please do report this to Athom when it happens so it won’t loose focus on their side, make sure you mention what I stated above, normal operation followed by a Transport Error.

Thanks for your help and information! Just send Athom an debug report with this information :+1:

Now searching for a workaround to continue use Heimdall. (It is now not working) :crossed_fingers:

Perhaps you can try to play around with the devices added to a particular Surveillance Mode. Remove all devices but one from the Partially Armed mode and see what happens when you select that mode. Next try adding devices and see what happens.
Also, when you’re using an Arming Delay remove it and see if that makes a difference.
As it’s unknown what causes Transport Errors it’s just trial and error to find a method for you to use Heimdall.

Thanks for your help and time. I found a ‘cheap’ workaround that is working for me :+1:

Info: after a lot of test runs, I did not found a setting that makes a difference.

Workaround; advanced flow. When Heimdall crashes; wait 60 sec, restart app and then check if we are away/sleeping and compare them with Heimdall state. If they differ, then correct state (and log it). :see_no_evil:

I have some Frient Smoke alarms and was wondering if you could add support for devices with alarm_smoke boolean capability?

I now have them mapped with a virtual device, but could help reduce the amount of devices there are already.

Other alarm capabilies that maybe should be included:
as they are Homey SDK3 defined.

These would allow a number if devices to be usable without additional VDs/flows/AVDs and keep things simple and user friendly.

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I don’t know Danee’s personal opinion on the matter, but my personal opinion is that such alarm types have nothing to do with the actual purpose of the Heimdall app.
Also, there are already build-in trigger flow cards for such alarm types: “(Alarm type) has been turned on”.

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Adding fire/smoke alarm functionality to Heimdall has been discussed over 5 years ago and since then I’ve not seen arguments that convinced me I can improve on a flow that get’s triggered by such an alarm and start an action like send messages and sound a sirene.

All functionality that Heimdall offers over building an alarm with regular flows have to do with the fact that Heimdall simplifies the arming with Keypads, delays, pre-arming check, Last Door functionality, Partially arming, Full arming, dynamically adding or removing devices from Surveillance Modes etc.

For a fire/smoke alarm all these extra’s don’t apply, it just has to function always.


Thanks for your explanation, this is ok by me. Need to adjust my thinking also and maybe rearrange how I get notified of alarms from smoke/water/fire-detectors when away.

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Will the new Aqara Presence Sensor FP2 work well with heimdall? As it can “look” over a wider area? Just curious, as I will buy it for other usage also.

Currently, there is no Homey app that supports this sensor.
It may be possible to add the sensor in Homey via workarounds, e.g. Home Assistant, but then it’s up to the Homey Home Assistant app and not the Heimdall app if the sensor works with the Heimdall app.

Okok, thanks :slight_smile:

Hello, I did the initial setup of Heimdall in my brand new Homey pro. Seems a good app!
I’m used to Home assistant and have my surveillance system working using some sensors and Unifi Protect smart camera’s.
These camera’s are able to distinguish motion, persons and vehicles. I want to have only an alarm when a person is detected (not on motion or vehicle) and would like to have a delay in order not to set an alarm when something is detected just for a second or so. In my home assistant i have set a delay of 5 sec. When the camera is still giving person detection after 5 sec, the trigger is set to set an alarm or go into the delayed alarm.
Any suggestion how I can do this using Heimdall?

You may do this by creating a flow triggered by motion.
Start a timer, check if still motion; if so then trigger the “Activate Alarm”-then card.

Or create a virtual motion-device which you trigger if motion for more than x seconds.
Enable the virtual device in Heimdall.

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I think it could be an option to use the smart detection from unifi and trigger a virtual device if it’s active for multiple seconds. Then I’ll use that virtual (motion) device in Heimdall.
I couldn’t find yet how to check for a sensor for x seconds. I could only see a wait function. Any tip you can give here?

That’s indeed the way to go, using a Virtual Device. I’m not familiar with the Unify app, but if it offers a condition card like motion is active or person is detected you could make an advanced flow that triggers on person detected, then wait for the desired time and check the condition. If condition is true set alarm_motion on the Virtual Device and use that device in Heimdall.

(I’m currently no where near a computer so can’t make an example screenshot, perhaps someone else can help out)