Heimdall - Let Homey watch over your home

I have a few homey not on the latest firmware and those also give the heimdall crashes . Didn’t have the time yet to update then but the homeys on a ip2datw firmware don’t crash after the update.

Update: I updated 2 homeys that crashed with the lastest firmware and Heimdall doesn’t crash anymore
Seems it triggers a bug in older firmwares

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Na een update is de app gestopt met werken en ook na een herstart van de app werkt de app niet meer.

Bij deze een diagnostisch rapport: af21b1c9-ac24-4fd3-a81d-777893658639

After an update the app stopped working, even after a restart of the app the app won’t start up.

This is my report: af21b1c9-ac24-4fd3-a81d-777893658639

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Please update your Homey’s firmware, you’re running an old version.

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I’m gonna do that tommorow, i let you now if it work :+1:

After the latest update it keeps crashing for me also. Im already on the latest firmware 8.1.3

Diagnostic report

Same here. Update was automatically installed and it crashed right after it. Got a early 2016 with latest firmware.


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I’ve just pushed a new version with a fix for the quick (buggy) fix before that. Version 2.10.10 should not crash at app start.

Sorry for this inconvenience. The new homey-api required for the new Homey differs in so much ways from the old one and Athom made it impossible to publish a version only targeted at Homey Pro Early 2023.
Sorry, I tried it but was shot down so please direct your complaints at Athom


Not work After the update

What version are you running and what is not working?

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Thanx for the update. Works again.

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Thanks @DaneedeKruyff,
I can confirm it works after updating homey to 8.1.3.
An hour later heimdall updated to 2.10.10 and kept working. :+1:

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After the update to the latest fw it al works back again.

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I’m on 8.1.3 on my 2019 homey pro and since update to Heimdall version 2.10.10 I’ve an annoying notification when setting the alarm away on … Heimdall correctly checks the open doors contacts while inserting but notifies all the open contacts indifferently if they are set home or away.
I attach a screenshot of the contacts settings with the red circle …

Hi Andrea,

Sorry, I’m not sure exactly what it is you are trying to say. Can you show an example (screenshot) of the notification you get? And tell me what you were or were not expecting to happen?

I’m not sure what you mean with ‘while inserting’, could you describe that differently?

Also, please describe the ‘notifies all the open contacts indifferently if they are set home or away’ in a different way to me.

Sorry @DaneedeKruyff for my English.

I try to explain better.

Turning Surveillance mode to Armed (Away), I used to get (with previous Heimdall versions) a notification ONLY for the NOT READY sensors (doors or windows left open) monitored in Full. And this was correct.

Since latest Heimdall version 2.10.10 I have the following problem:

Turning Surveillance mode to Armed (Away), I get notification for ALL NOT READY sensors, both monitored in Full and in Partial.

Hope this is more clear …
Thank you. Andrea

Hi Andrea,

No need to excuse yourself!

I understand your problem now and will look into it.

Hi @Andrea_M

I’ve been trying to reproduce the error, but have not been able to and also there has been no change to this part of the code recently.

Could you please reconfigure the included Surveillance Modes on the device(s) giving the problem(s) and switch modes: Enable Totale on a device, set the Surveillance Mode to Armato wait a bit and then set the Surveillance Mode back to Disarmato. Next disable Totale

If that doesn’t fix it, please post a screenshot of the flow that sends the message.

Hi @DaneedeKruyff

I tested your suggestions unfortunately with no positive results.
One thing is that in Heimdall settings I’ve selected ON the setting: Homey advise when a door contact is open while Surevillance Mode is set to Away. In this case Homey pronunce the correct devices (ones are set to be Full) that are open (not ready) but timeline and notification include also the devices set to Partial.
if the problem is the notification here is the flow that write on the timeline and sends the messages to the smartphone.
Thank you for going deep in this.

Hi @Andrea_M

I see you’re using the Sensor active at Status Check. (Sensore attivo durante il controllo dello stato) card. This card will always report all sensors and will be triggered after using the Check Status of all sensors (Verifica lo stato di tutti I sensori) and can be run independent of setting a Surveillance Mode

To get a report on the active sensors included in the Surveillance Mode you are switching to you will have to use the Sensor active at arming (Sensore attivo all’inserimento) flow card.