Heimdall - Let Homey watch over your home

Hi Peter,

I’ve seen the log, it’s completely empty so not very usefull but it tells met the app doesn’t even get to the initializing phase. That to me sounds like a memory issue, too little memory left for homey to actualy start the app. Could you please power cycle your homey (no restart from the menu) see what happen en post the result here?

It was back up this morning. It does come up with errors on screen but I haven’t captured them so far. Next time I see them I will try and do a screen capture and send to you.

It could be a memory think though, I do have a lot of apps and devices. Might just have to wait for my Homey Pro 2023.

A kinda stupid question, i cant get the surveillance status icon anymore on the “surveillance” icon, even “edit device” / “status indicator” changing into either two of the “state” status indicators or using “any alarm” doesnt give me the surveillance status on the icon.
I’d liek to have a way to see on my tablet if the surveillance is on or off

Athom has not implemented showing a particular setting from a ‘picker’ style capability which the Surveillance Mode is so I don’t understand the anymore, this has never been possible in the app.

Well i havent been using heimdall since about 5 months, and now i’m basically facing the issue that i have no idea, no visual indication, if the surveillance mode is activated or deactivated,
This wasnt a problem 5 months ago, so i assumed status indication somehow is missing now.

Well, it was never shown on the Surveillance Mode Switch, at least in the Homey app or Web App. So perhaps you used a 3rd party Dashboard earlier or a (or some) virtual on/off devices to show the state.


What is the best way to see at one glance what the current surveillance mode is?


i have Made this with an virtual switch ans flows:


So I wanted to add a user in the usermanagement section so that they would be able to use the 4 digit pincode on the ring keypad (V2). This first resulted in an error. After redoing the same steps (open Heimdall> users> enter pin from admin>add normal user it all went well as I perceived at first. But after going back the Heimdall app does not accept the admin pincode anymore. Also tried the newly added pincode. Also does not let me go into user management as admin? Not only that but entering the pincode on the ring keypad does nothing now? Seems to have deleted all users and does not let me into the users section (invalid pincode). Sometimes it gives me the add users section as if the are no users. When adding a new admin it gives the invalid pincode again afterwards. Any idea?

What was the error you got on the first try?

Retrieving users is impossible by design, for obvious reasons. There is a way to fully reset the user database, I will send you a PM.

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New test version published.

Version 2.3.13

  • Updated Homey API to 1.10.8

Athom has released a new version of their homey-api with fixes for several problems including the one where functionality was missing compared to the old athom-api. This means that the workaround for the missing functionality is no longer needed in in Heimdall and has been removed.

Bugs are not to be expected for this change but just to be sure it wil first only be published to the test channel of the app for at least a week.


I have a feature request.
Heimdall has a then card to activate the alarm. When reading out the trigger reason later it will say “Flow” as sensor.
How about an activate alarm card with text tag to set the “sensor”. Then it is possible to distinguish between different flows activating the alarm.

Maybe I’m misinterpreted your question, but why would you want to set the Alarm State via a flow in response to a change in a sensor?

The whole idea behind Heimdall is you don’t need any flows to set the Alarm State, that’s all handled in Heimdall by selecting the desired sensors in a particular Surveillance Mode. The flowcard to set the Alarm State is mainly there to set manually, for example as a sort of Panic Button.

When the Alarm State is set because of a tripper sensor, the sensor is included in the log:

I am using it for one of my door sensors in my storage. For that particulary sensor I have a much longer delay to have time to store the bike before entering the main house and disarm the alarm.

Ah, I see, that seems to be a valid use case of using the Activate Alarm flow card.
I’m however a bit reluctant about adding another flow card but I’ll see if it’s possible to enhance the current flow card without creating problems for users who are already using this card.

For now I can advise you to add the Send (text) to Heimdall flow card to your flow, for example like this:

This will send the text Storage Door sensor tripped to the log in Heimdall.
You may need or want to add a delay but that’s up to you.

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Maybe disarm it automatically when you arrive with the presence card?

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I do understand your reluctancy.
Only do this if you fell that it will enhance the app.
I already have a workaround.

Maybe you could update the current card with a text field with default text “Flow”, if possible with the Homey. That would not change anything for current installations?!

I have considered that but prefer not to automatically disarm. Every now and then someone in my family forget their phone at home.
But good thought.

What i did is trigger the disarming when somebody comes home. If somebody stays at home, it does not do anything with that flow for that person. But if you come home, the flow is triggered.

I have been using Heimdall as the main security app for my house. I rely on the homey built-in speaker for getting the voice messages about the status when arming, disarming, etc. I really hope that despite the latest Homey having no speaker, the app will still support speaker on the 2019 homey going forward.
Having an additional speaker just to get voice prompts is simply sub-optimal - constant power draw, stable wifi requirement (UPS for network equipment), large extra cost.