Heimdall - Let Homey watch over your home

I can see no connection between the things you experience and what Heimdall does, it only listens to certain capabilities of devices and the only actions it takes are through it’s flowcards.

It somehow seems that Heimdall thinks a delayed countdown to an alarm is active. could you enable a Delayed Trigger on a device, select the Surveillance Mode on which that device should trigger, trip the sensor and let the timer run out (maybe enable some speech options so you can hear what’s happening). It should trigger the alarm and should reset the delayed countdown variable. After that set the Surveillance Mode to Disarmed and disable the Delayed Trigger on the device and see if all is functioning as desired.
Please let me know if the above helps.

I’m a bit guessing here because I have no Neo Coolcam devices and don’t know what was in the update, but could you try the following:

  • Disable and enable the Heimdall app and test again.
  • Redo the desired Full and/or Partial settings on the Settings tab and test again.
  • Remove a sensor, add it again, redo the settings in Heimdall and test again.

Please let me know if any (and which) of the above fixes your issue.

Ps. The message:

is not reliable. I’ve filed a bug report for it to Athom but this turned out to be just before V2 RCx was released so I don’t expect a fix for it in 1.5.13. I will continue to test this functionality on V2.


Flow cards
trigger cards tested (without tags)
Condition cards tested
O action cards not tested yet

O Surveillance Mode switch : Can be used to set Surveillance Mode, Doesn’t show custom capability Icon and status text,
O Alarm Button : Doesn’t show custom capability Icon and status text, Doesn’t show Button icon. AlarmState can be set to off.

O Rewrite UI, rewritten done in a way so it fits the screensize still needs changes to improve the usability

Arming Delay.
Alarm Delay
Check for active sensor when arming
Only log when Surveillance Mode active
Do not log deactivating of sensors
Listen to tampering reports
Last Door functionality

Spoken messages are working as on V1

There are some hurdles still to take:

  • A bug surfaced in rc9, it’s confirmed by Athom and should be fixed in rc10
  • It is not yet possible to display the Alarm State in de device icon, a request has been made by app developers to show information in the top right corner of a device icon but it has not yet been approved by Athom, please leave a :+1: on the github issue that has been raised for this.
  • The default text for a boolean value, as used by the Alarm State is Yes/No and can’t currently be changed by an app developer while this was possible (and used) in V1. Please leave a :+1: on the github issue to help convince Athom to make this possible again.
  • App developers can not use the full screen area for the settings pages, this is also something that Athom needs to enable, please leave a :+1: on the github issue to show you also want this.

Great job @DaneedeKruyff! I am waiting for the next rc.10 release which should fix the empty devices issue. Can’t wait continue testing… :grin:

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I’ve uploaded my most recent local files to Github, it has a workaround for the bug in rc9 but because of that the Surveillance Mode Switch and Alarm Off Button can’t show the actual Alarm State.

Devices should load now, including Virtual Motion- and Virtual Door/Windows sensors from the Virtual Devices App. (Icons from Virtual Devices are missing, this is a know issue)


@DaneedeKruyff: Downloaded, installed and tested the latest version. The alarm is now fully working, including the flows which are triggered by an alarm :+1:t2:
For your info: the devices on the ‘instellingen’ page are not shown most of the times (I managed to see them only once out of appr. 10 attemps which was just after a fresh restart of Homey).
Most important is that I can use Heimdall again as an alarm system. Many thanks!!

That’s a bit unexpected, I’ve sent you a PM.

Same here :+1: alarm trigger and alarm delay now works. I’ll continue to test over the next few days.

I still hear Homey say (what sounds like) “A30” (dutch) when the arm delay is triggered.

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@Bram_C @molensky
Thanks for testing! I’ve just uploaded a new version with a small fix for displaying devices without correct icons on the settings pages, thought I had uploaded those earlier but I didn’t :wink:

For me the same but in the webversion: https://my.athom.com/#/ I can see the settings.


:blush: nevermind this:

I had a test-flow somewhere… :man_facepalming:


With great help from @Bram_C I was able to find out why the devices weren’t displaying on his Homey and make changes to Heimdall to prevent this from happening in the future for other users.
:+1: for @Bram_C


Thanks, but all the credits should go to you Danee. The rewrite of the Heimdall app (on Github) looks great and runs very smooth on Homey v2.0 rc.9. :grinning:

If I download and install/configure the alpha-V2 from Github now, will the settings be kept once it is available in the app store?

I can’t promise anything @Fire69. When you want to change between channels via the app store you’re sure to loose your settings because Athom has designed it that way. There has been a discussion in the past on how to install through CLI and then do an install through the app store or the other way around but I’m not sure about the details. I think it was @Gruijter or @Dijker who mentioned that, but I could be wrong cause that was a long time ago.
I’m also not sure yet how I will (have to) publish Heimdall to the app store. It is impossible to have an app targeted at different Homey Firmware versions in the app store and because Heimdall uses the Web-API I had to make some changes that breaks compatibility with Homey V1.x.

Haven’t used Heimdall before so just fiddling around for the moment. I’ll configure it as needed once it’s in the app store :slight_smile:

You can install an appstore version over a cli installed version (and vice versa), and it will keep the settings. This only works if the settings are compatible between the 2 versions.

So you can use this to switch between appstore channels.

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I’m trying to install Heimdall v2.
I’m not experienced with any of this so I’m just trying to apply common sense and some tutorials I found.

I followed the tutorial to install node.js, logged in to Homey and was able to run the “install” command.
Unfortunately, every time I get a timeout:
Any ideas how I can fix this?

Not sure if this is related to Heimdall but let’s try to find the problem.

Can you try athom logout and login again: athom login

What happens when you try athom homey select?

What happens when you try athom app run?

What OS are you on?