Heimdall, geofence presence and housekeeping

Hi all,

My partner and I use iOS geofence presence with Heimdall and all other flows. Since the last iOS update they work like an absolute charm. But I have some challenges with the presence when the housekeeping is working in my house. Here’s the thing:

She works every week, one week on thuesday and the next on friday. When we are not at home, she disarms the system with an NFC-tag. Homey then welcomes her and the alarm is disengaged. All fine. But here’s the thing: When I, or my partner, work from home while the housekeeping is there and we leave the house, the alarm will be engaged because we leave the geofence. So the housekeeper runs in panic to Homey to disengage the system again.

One solution will be to give her access to the Homey app so here presence will be logged automatically, but I really prefer the tag. She finally knows how to handle it, haha. I don’t want to bother her with the app etc. And she will be enable to turn lights on/off from her own place and such.

Is there a way to keep her using the tag, but don’t trigger the alarm when I leave the house? Really looking forward to your ideas!

Cheers, Pim

set the tag with a countdown, say she is here for 4 hours, you set a countdown timer to start when she taps in.
Anytime you leave the geofence, and the timer is still running, heimdall remains as is until countdown ends.

Or you can make her NFC tap in and tap out via a virtual device boolean switch and voice to let her know if she is tapping in or out. This tap action can be use to set a virtual presence so heimdall doesn’t respond until she taps out. You can combine this with the timer if she forgets to tap out too.

Another way if you have a door contact sensor is to activate heimdall only after the main door has been opened (contact sensor) when you are not around (when she leaves).

Plenty of ways to do this.

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I use modus (of the virtual appliance app) to keep track of the housekeeping. Modus is set to on by NFC tag and geofencing turns on Heimdall only when Modus is not set to on. Modus can be set to off by NFC tag again and then also turns on Heimdall

Thanks for your reply, can you ellaborate on that?

install Virtual Devices app

create modus “Housekeeping in the house”

create flow when tag is presented and “Housekeeping in the house” is not active then set
“Housekeeping in the house” to active and disable Heimdall

create flow when tag is presented and “Housekeeping in the house” is active then set “Housekeeping in the house” to inactive and enable Heimdall

create flow when nobody at home and “Housekeeping in the house” is not active then enable Heimdall

This can also be achieved with variables, but I like the status button of VD so I can also activate the status by just pressing the button.

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Thanks a lot for your help, going to check if I could make this work. Sounds promising, thanks!