Heimdall alarm

Good evening everybody!

I want to simulate a precense when whe are not at home. I want to switch some lights on/off during “x” time when the PIR sensor is armed (not activated!!!)
I tried every “flow” option from Heimdall but I can’t resolve the issue with the items who are proposed in the list.
Has anyone have an idea how I can do it?


Just use Heimdall in “and” condition within specific flow that should trigger light simulation. There is option “Heimdall surveilliance mode is Armed” to be used as a condition.
So example flow should be “Every random minute and Heimdall surveilliance mode is Armed and its a nightime then, turn on the light, turn off the light with delay of random value.” Some tweaks can be made, or just look here on forum for presence simulation flows that can be reused and triggered.

Thx a lot for the information. I only saw your message at this moment… I had a lot of work…
It’s another point of vieuw but your way is working better then mine. I diddn’t had the Heimdall option before but when you put it in the “and” condition it appears…
Thnaks again!

Hi Igy,

How is it possible that “the surveilliance mode is armed” is only visible in the after the AND fonction?
What I wanted to do

WHEN “surveilliance is armed” THEN
shutdown all lights
start flow présence

WHEN Alarme active THEN
stop flow présence
put on all lights

WHEN Alarme desactivated THEN
stop flow présence
shutdown all lights
put on 1 light (to have light when we come home)

It should be easy but I don’t understand the logique from Homey. I did the same with fibaro, it was much less complicated…


You can do it as well. There is option to use Heimdall in When condition. E.g. “Surveillance mode changed” and “Surveillance mode is armed” then …

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Rest of the Heimdall questions can be asked in the Heimdall topic please.