Heating the bathroom

Hey Guys,

I hope anyone has made the same flow as i want cuz i cant get it to work properly.
I have a Evohome system with floorheating.
My bathroom is in the basement so i want to heat up the bathroom efficiently before i use it.

I want it to be at 21 degrees at 7.00 in the morning and 19:00 in the evening.

Evohome is default on 19 degrees so i want to boost the temperature of the bathroom with my electric heater in the bathroom. Its connected to a fibaro switch.

So i want to make something like: if time is 6:30 and temp is below 21 degrees. Turn on heater. When 21 degrees is reached keep it until 08:00 then turn off.

Hope u know what i want…

So if I’m correct, the bathroom with Evohome is always at 19°C. You want the electric heater to heat it up until 21°C and then let Evohome take it over until 8:00?

Quick & dirty:

IF time is 6:30
AND temperature is below 21°C
THEN turn on electric heater

IF temperature goes above 21°C
AND time is between 6:30 and 8:00
THEN turn off electric heater & set Evohome to 21°C

IF time is 8:00
THEN turn Evohome to 19°C & turn off electric heater (double safety)

But be aware: it would be more sufficient to add more variables so it doesn’t work in the summer for example when temperature goes above 21°

I integrated my electirc heater in evohome see this post
What you need is:
A seperate thermostate of the evohome system (I chose the T87RF2025 Round Wireless, also lots available 2nd hand)
A power plug (you already have the fibaro) of the homey system to control the heating

Now you can control (and program) the heater from your evohome app!
(Did not test it but I expect it is even using the smart heating function of evohome) So you just program the desired time in evohome and it will learn when to start heating.

And on top of that you can create flows in homey to control the heating too (via evohome or directly controlling the plug.
(Check the app store for heater controllers)

Best thing of all: huge WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor)

This is a good idea but be sure to add some timers to check the temp only every 30sec or so…
Since otherwise it could hadden your switch will turn ON/OFF every 1second which will fry you Fibaro switch

In which event do you see this happening?

For instance when the SET temperature is 21°C and actual temperature is 20°C.
Now the Heater will turn ON
after a couple of minutes your actual temp is 21,1°C the Heater will turn OFF
now 10seconds later temperature is 20,9°C Heater will turn on
another 5seconds later temperature is 21,3°C Heater is OFF…

You get my idea? in this case it’s best to make sure your heater will have a minimal ON OR OFF time a for instance 1minute to prevent the ON/OFF flickering

I understand, but in my flow setup this would not be the case… Even if the temperature drops under 21 nothing will happen.

Aaah now i properly checked your example your right indeed sorry man

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Thnx! I will try it.
Maybe I can set and to be connected to the outside temp.
Then it won’t run in summer.

You might find following App handy. I use it for a bathroom thermostat schedule. Works like a charm:
Homey Heating Scheduler App for Homey | Homey

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