Have a desktop account on another destination

Welcome to the Forum Kaare,
but I will ask you to take a look at the welcome post, Welcome to the forum!

I still don’t get what you exactly have and try to do, having a meaningful topic title and good description of waht you want to accomplish would help you get the correct answers now it looks to me we are guessing what you want to to do…

If you just want to connect Homey to another Wifi access point including wifi in your topic title woud probably have suggested both a post how to get your homey into recovery mode and a linkt to a community post with tips:

I guess if you updated to Homey 2.0 you would know as it was communicated with the release in mailings an blogs as it was a major change.
Therefor I don’t get what you mean with a desktop account… (or didn’t you update?)