Harmony app gives error when trying to control device directly

When i try to send individual command using the harmony app i almost always have to enter 3 params to the card.
The first is the group the second is the command, the third is almost always a complete mistery what to enter, 9 out of 10 commands don’t need a 3the param, but you have to enter something otherwise the flow card is not accepted, so you fil; something in 0,1,2 etc

But then when you try to run the flow it (ofcourse) errors like

I hust have no idea how to fix this, the first 2 params are correct but the 3th i have no idea what to fill in.

(i try to change the input of my pioneer receiver)
First option: Miscellaneous
Second option: InputBluetooth
3th option: is a number (tried 0 until 10 but all failed with same error)

Anyone an idea how to send individual custom commands using flow cards and harmony?