Handling a promise response by an external api in an advanced flow

I created an advanced flow that connects (get request) to an external API (Cemm/Cedel) to collect my solar production. If solar production exceeds target value, I start charging my EV.

Flow works flawless. However, quite often the external API returns not a response, but a promise… If that happens, the flow generates an error… Is there an advanced flow workaround that anybody knows of?

What’s a “promise response”?

A ‘promise reponse’ is not the data you need, but the word 'promise’with an extra code… Server sends it because it is busy…


you are then supposed to reissue your get request within 10 seconds once more where you add the promise code to the get url (in this case &promise=45b82393b6ac89f54bb3c8d0bdf6ec2159081715.

If all goes well, the server returns the the data you need and no further promise…