H.O.O.P. (Hope) - Homey Object Oriented Programming

No. lists is empty on phone.
There’s a loading spinner and after a while it says ‘No results’

Check this list to determine which actioncard you need to pick

For countdown you probably need this card:


It’s not app related. If Homey gets “too busy” for a while, it’s WiFi connection starts to jitter.
Something like that.

List of Action Cards also stays empty, no matter what card I choose.

Could you try this card

I get this list to choose from

I was just testing that card, but no, an empty list.
To be sure, I installed Chronograph app, but lists stays empty

It looks like it doesn’t have ‘access’ to the devices and apps.

Restart the app?

Or might re-installing the elevator device help?

@Arie_J_Godschalk and @Peter_Kawa I did a complete reinstall of the app. Now seems to work.

Thanks for your time!


Hi, I have around 20 flows with all sorts of Hoop triggers/conditions, all worked well for several months now - however since this morning none is working anymore. I tried restarting homey, restarting the hoop app, getting a new code for developer access, but nothing brings the flows back to live. Is there anything else I could try? Even if I create new flows with Hoop triggers in the “When” card they wont execute anything anymore, if I replace the triggers by standard homey triggers it works. The only thing that still works is Hoop Methods in the “When” card.

Edit: like experienced by others some posts above - I had to remove a hoop trigger card from a flow that, when I first created it, had a normal “when” card and I changed to a hoop trigger yesterday - now I removed that trigger card and all other flows started working again.

Same issue with my install. Reinstalled 2 times and no apps or devices available. Can’t get this to work.

CLI install or from Homey Community Store?

Home Community

Is it possible with H.O.O.P. to start a second flow when the first flow is completely finished?
In my case I try to start a voice message (via Sonos speakers) only when the voice message from the first flow is finished. Using “Delay” it is not possible, because the voice outputs are varying in length.


I changed my wifi today in homey and set a backup back. Noe the h.o.o.p. app is gone and all my flows are not working anymore. Anyone had the same problem?

To change your wifi you don’t have to restore a backup.
But, on-topic, the H.o.o.p. app is only available @ the community store, and you’ll have to install it yourself.
This app store is independent, and that’s why Homey backup doesn’t install it.
(Homey backup doesn’t save the apps, but only the links to the apps in the official app store. When restoring, those apps get downloaded from the store).

Hi peter
Thank you but if i now reinstall the hoop app will my flow work again.

I reinstalled h.o.o.p app flows working again.


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If you are using Google Services, then yes, but you can just use those Condition cards (instead of the Action cards).

The condition cards from Google Services will only be finished once the speech is done (based on the time-length of the generated speech).

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For people using HOOP:

I have created a new App: Advanced Triggers - Test Version | Homey.
For me, this app will mostly replace HOOP.

I have allready added multi triggers (methods) with uptoo 10x3 optional arguments.

Also i have added Debounce.

See the topic for more info: [APP][Pro] Advanced Triggers - Trigger and action cards with eventname for Advanced Flows - Apps - Homey Community Forum


Now it's possible to

- Change the Device Name -

through a flow

And… The status can be changed by another great app by Arie: Device Capabilities


- With Advanced flow:
  • Standard Flow