Group flows

I really would like to be able to create groups for flows.
With this feature it would be much easier to navigate through the flows.

Then I could have:
One group per zone or groups for various functions.

Hey @sejapir
You can create folders for your flows:

click on the dropdown in the top (my flows)

You’ll see this view where you can create folders:

When you go to the settings of a flow you can move it to a folder.

Via it’s easier as you can drag and drop flows.


I want to add this to Martijns’ great examples.
Adding a matching letter and # of total # code, groups flows also together.

And you can see instantly how many flows a certain action involves.
However, it’s a pretty disaster to setup and maintain :grimacing::sweat_smile:

Example, 4 flows for a Plant:

For the phone app, being able to create a new folder while you go to the settings of a (fresh created) flow would be nice, wouldn’t it?

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Great, thanks.