Google Nest Hub and TuneIn

Hello. Just got me a new Google Nest Hub screen to replace a Nest Mini speaker. With the screen you also get the opportunity to see more information than a simple speaker, but I miss the opportunity to play a TuneIn channel as it is done when giving Nest Hub a voice command. If you play a radio station via a flow and then cast to the Hub, you only get a static radio channel with no information about the program or music played. If, on the other hand, you give a voice command directly to the Hub, you get the TuneIn app and thus much more info on the screen. See picture attachment. Is there any possibility to e.g. send a voice command from a flow to the Nest Hub, or is there other ways to control the HUB from Athom Homey?

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I wonder the same thing. Any updates on this?

Hi. have you found a solution?
I just leave the text “Hey Google, play xy in the basement”. it works, but is too complicated a solution in my opinion…

I’m not sure what you mean with “just leave the text…”. You speak manually the command to the Google speaker? :thinking:

No, speaker 1 say that to speaker 2 :slight_smile:


Have you found a solution, I’m very interested.

No, haven’t found a solution to this. Sorry.

Same here. Since it seems the Google homes are not “recognizing” the fact that TuneIn is playing, you can control it outside of Homey…

Would be nice to just pauze it from the screen as you can when starting it on the Hub itself without Homey.

Bump this old treath, does any body already found a solution for this.
I would love to play some music on it, but i have the same problem, i can start the radio, but i cannot get it to stop playing with a command or with the pause button.