Google home Smart device INTO HOMEY!

I have some connected smart devices(Meross sockets) connected to Google Home and working awsome. There is no app in homey for Meross. So instead of using IFTTT, i am asking you all if you know how to PULL/TRIGGER DEVICES FROM THE GOOGLE HOME TO HOMEY FLOWS !

Hope you give some clues :slight_smile:
Thanks :slight_smile:

It’s not possible to import device from Google Home to Homey

You can use IFTTT in your flows. Use the Start Applet. Fill an event name and save your flow. Then create an IFTTT applet (at IFTTT side) with a “A Flow Has Been Started” trigger, select the event name created in the Homey flow. I curently have a Securtity Camera setup this way. Works like a charm.

For now i did not find any option allowing me to create ifttt applet and ‘’ a floW has been started’’, it s not in homey ifttt nor in ifttt ifttt :confused:

Explanation here:

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The usage of IFTTT is very counter intuitive, there is a setting about it on homey BUT you have to install the IFTTT homey app as well… If you need to start an IFTTT trigger in an homey flow, you have to create a trigger in the flow that will refer to IFTTT, once this trigger is created in a flow, you will have the trigger available in the “flow” list IFTTT with all the triggers you created.

This is very confusing because IFTTT refers to flows for everything coming from Homey… wheter is an actual flow or a trigger from within a flow.