Generic "ALERT" notification

Hi there!
For the first time I received today a generic “ALERT” notification, but i cannot understand what could it be.
Any hint? :thinking:

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Thanks everyone!

Check your flows, do you have a flow containing “every 5 minutes” ?

A guess, but it could be a security device, like smoke or gas detector?
This was introduced with v7.1.0, and sends alerts without flows

In the timeline settings, you’d see an entry called “Safety” (or something like that), with the number of displayed messages)

Hi JPe4619, I don’t have any flow containing the “every 5 minutes” rule.

Hi Peter,

I don’t have any security device connected to Homey. At the same time, in the timeline I don’t have the “Safety” option :thinking:

You have probably a nameless item with a gearwheel icon between Apps and Flow?

No nameless devices in my system…can’t understand what’s that alert :sweat_smile:

What I meant, was the 4th item in this page, it has the same icon as the items in your time-line, it should show the number of items in your time-line, and by pressing the arrow on the right, you can disable/enable the notifications for this item.

Oh sorry, got it.
No gear icon among the listed elements:

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But the numbers here should give you an indication where the alerts come from…

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Found out what’s the alert: the Email App per Homey | Homey App can’t connect to the gmaill server after their recent update to “dedicated apps password”.
I will try to manage it by setting the dedicated password.
Thanks everyone!!