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Gain full access to homey to control everything on behalf of the user notification

Hello everyone,
When I want to install the broadlink app I first see a disclaimer containing: “Broadlink has permission to: Gain full access to homey to control everything on behalf of the user”
I’ve never seen this kinf of notification before and was wondering why the app would need so much access since the broadlink devices dont need to control homey, but the other way around.
Furthermore i was wondering if handing out a permission linke this could make homey less “secure”?

Hope anyone could explain me some more about this disclaimer.
Thank you in advance!

You get this warning for apps that request a particular permission (specifically, the “Athom API” permission). In theory, this allows the developer to write an app that can access and control all devices on Homey, hence the warning. I’m pretty sure that the Broadlink app can be trusted to not abuse these powers.

That said, it looks like the app is requestings this permission without actually using it. I’ll ask the developer why the app is requesting it, and if it isn’t necessary, to remove it so new users won’t get the same warning.

Having developed the Broadlink app, I can tell you I have no idea why that permission is in it :confused:
Testing the app without this permission, shows no difference, everything still works.
I’ll remove it from the apps permissions list :smile:


Thank you very much for the explaination and contacting the developer!

Thank you very much for the quick response, I was wondering myself why it needed that permission haha. Furthemore, great app you have deveolped, it will have good uses with homey :smiley:

Hi Remko,
Did you already remove the permission or will it be removed in a next update of the app, because it still shows in the app store I believe.
Thank you in advance!

Hi Remko.

The permissions section is needed but you can limit it to just RF signals. https://apps.developer.athom.com/v1/library/permissions/index.html

I notice several users have issues with copy of the signal when using RM Pro and other devices, are you planning to have a look at it?

BR, Johan