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Future of 1.x

So athom is having a party with the release of 2.0. gone with the old in with the new, no more pc support the future is mobile, speech is dead and nfc is useless. And a home automationsystem that runs and is managed localy without the need of a cloud is for privacy potheads.

The answer to everyone that wants to manege there house on anything bigger then a 5 inch screen is we are looking into it (tablet) or you can Stay on 1.5 if you don’t like it. (pc)

But… to be honest with apps having an minimal version and athom putting all there effort in 2.0+ staying at 1.5 means standing still.

So i was thinking, would athom be willing to opensource there homey core 1.5 for us oldtimers who think that this new kids direction was a big mistake. So that the community van develop it further and see where it goes from there.

I love the homey hardware, i love how it has grown since i ordered my first homey on kickstarter and had to wait a year to get a doa buggy sphere , i love it as a base for home automation. But this new direction is just not working for anyone that see homey as more then a toy and is serious about home automation.

I don’t need a fancy app i need a system that is safe, is easy to configure and can controll my house.

So please if you don’t want to maintain this basic version let the community do it for you.


They won’t open-source the code unless they go bankrupt (and even then…). Not good for competition and also not safe… And actually, it’s multiple firmwares (Athom-core, Zwave-core etc etc).

However, I see no reason why they wouldn’t open-source the code of the front-end, we’ve been asking that for > 1,5 years now…

I was going to say the will never make it open source so long as there is code shared with their v2 app, but bvbos is also correct re : making competitors for themeselves.

It would be nice if the old UI was open sources, but considering in v1 the “app” and the core were in the same code base I doubt that.

It would be really nice if they open sources their UI elements, temperature picker, colour picker etc. Then the v2 people could also use them in an app.

Well, actually: We could download the UI ourselves of course from the webpage. Maybe someone who still has 1.5.x can throw the page an dunderlying JS-files on GH?

I asked Athom that and tried to grab all files but the response from Athom was it probably would not be very useful as many api changes broke the old web ui.
Also testing something with the homeyda.sh for v1.x showed many changes and limitations due to the assigned scopes at the provided alpha pre released api keys.

So imho the arguments from Athom not to release this code to the public was correct and saved me a lot of work to get things working again at Homey V2.0

Homey runs on a open source os, runs nodejs as its base. All opensource projects. So if opensource code is niet safe homey is not safe now. IT would be nice if a company that used opensource would give back there old code to that community.

Also, athom claims that they only earn there money by selling homey and modules that go with homey. If that’s the case there is no reason why having a community version under limited / open source conditions would impact there income.

Because they would still sell most of the homeys running that community version. While there current 2.0 version costs them customers.

It would be a different case of they plan to earn money with the software. And the greater the dependance on athoms cloud becoms the bigger the cost for Them. The only option that remains in the long run then is to start charging licence fees or worse use the personal data they gather to earn there keep.

Running A cloud based solution just on hardware sales is not sustainable and Just a piramid game.