Flow start if something turn on a device


I have some issues with a SONOFF device that is turn it self on or of (most time on) directly after is has been turned off by a flow endcard.

Is it possible to create a flow like:

If: afzuiger WC (SONOFF ZIGBEE DEVICE) is turn on by SONOFF zigbee.
Then turn off.

Yes, look at Device Capability, is has a trigger (when) or beter for you, an Action (Then) card to retrieve the last user who pressed on/off.

Here an example how to use it:

You just need the Card “Retrieve the value of [device] for [capability] for 0 minutes ago”.
For you that would mean, Retrieve the value of [afzuiger WC] for [onoff] for 0 minutes ago.

The Retrieve card also has a token with the value, which you can check for true or false in this case.

But i guess reading your question again, i think you would just need the Turned on trigger and the Retrieve card.

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So, actually you would need this:

(Check if you need the token Client or User, but it should be Client for Apps)


Hi Arie,

Thanks a lot for your answer! Implementate your flow, we will see!

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Maybe send a push with user and client, and please let me know if it indeed is client or user :wink:

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It is the cliënt. It is working!

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Great and thanks!