Flashing RGB LED controller

Hi all

So i figured ill buy a bunch of “Tuya” stuff and see how it works. Until they blocked the posibillity to snitch out the key things were working pretty good. But i guess its always a cat and mouse game.

So i ended up using both the Tuya APP and the Tuya Cloud APP. The cloud app doesnt support changing colors as far as i can find. Either way i was thinking of flashing some devices to either Espurna or Tasmota.

This is totally new for me, and will it even work with my LED strip?
It has a TYWE3L wifi module, and all the information i can find is that its an esp8266, but it doesnt really say anywhere on the board.

Anyone have experience with this who have some info before i start?

Will i be able to controll on/off, dim and color with it? (i read there is different bin files for different devices)
Will it work with either MQTT, Tasmota or espurna app we have?

Any info, its better than none :slight_smile: