Fire alarm via Google Speaker

I’ve got fibaro fire alarms throughout my home, as for a couple of google- and JBL-speakers (with google assistent).
I would like to have a notification over the speakers that a fire alarm is activated. How can i let Homey send a speech/voice message to all the google speakers?

With Google TTS.
You can download this app in de Homey Store

thanks! I will look into this.

The Google Chromecast app has the option to “Cast Audio URL” to a group of speakers.
I would recommend to play “Fight Fire With Fire” by Metallica at full volume.
You can also create your own mp3 with a text-to-speech message and slow whoop and host it locally on a raspberry pi. I have not tested if a local mp3 can play without internet access.

Unfortunatly, the soundboard app does not work with the cast audio functionality.
Youtube videos also don’t work for me on audio speakers.

Or Firestarter van The Prodigy😄

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Or Burn the House down from AJR. Not quite the scare, but…

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Bloodhound Gang - Fire Water Burn