I “found” the fingerbot today, automation for everything :smile:
Press any key! But where is the Any key?

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Well, not in the Netherlands it seems, only to France, Germany, Italy and UK.

There is already something similar.

There also is Microbot Push:

I have a set of these, they work through Bluetooth which is not so handy. But I also have a “switch” from the same company that is linked to a webhook I can access through Homey. I put one on my intercom to be able to open it, but it doesn’t work 100% of the times which is annoying (sometimes the finger doesn’t push in the button far enough). Which reminds me, I need to charge the thing.

I have backed them and have the bridge included, with the bridge there are more possibilities. For the rest its more a fun thing than that I see myself using it seriously.

Found a huifkar from Germany to NL for delivery.

Not what I expected from reading the title :expressionless:

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Something that has every right to exist!

The build quality of this one is better though:

Unfortunately, you cannot buy them anywhere in Europe…

I don’t know. I just don’t see a real use case. And the WAF seems to me to be rather low on the pieced together parts.

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There is no push-button on the Fingerbot.
So, if you want to push the button, well, you can’t.
You can only push the button using your phone. It’s rather stupid not being able anymore to push the button when you are in front of it…

Now they launched fingerbot plus for crowdfunding. Sexier than switchbot. I emailed switchbot team for adding such feature to their bot.