FIBARO WALLI SWITCH DOUBLE 221 not showing 2 lights?

Hello dear homeys,
I just paired the fibaro walli switch 221 with Q1 and Q2.
So i can control 2 different lights with the switch physically. Cool BUT…

In the app i only have 1 light showing. Am i not supposed to get 2 lights showing ?

Thank you

Yes, that’s true and it’s not very nice.

It should be nice, of course.

The following solutions are possible:

  1. long press the Walli Switch icon, swipe to the button screen, switch between “Output 1” and “Output 2” in the upper area and press the button to switch on/off.
  2. create 2 virtual switches (build-in or with the app “Virtual devices”) and create corresponding flows
  3. contact Athom and submit a feature request and/or complain

I have already contacted Athom, but will do it again.
Another problem is that the current consumption for output 2 is not shown. Neither in the app nor in Developer.

So please, please contact Athom.


Btw, the Fibaro Double Switch 2 (FGS-223) have 2 separate switches.

Hey @fantross
Thanks for taking time to share your knowledge.

I did make a feature request to athom.
I doubt they do it soon as i must not be the only one since. Let s see if i am wrong :slight_smile:

I guess: Not! :slightly_frowning_face: