Fibaro Relay Switch vs Aeotec Garage Door Controller

So i would like to automate my garage door. After some research I found 2 options.

  1. Fibaro Relay Switch
  2. Aeotec Garage Door Controller

I am curious about the user experiences for both devices and also would like to know what options you will have in the flows. For example is it possible to open the garage door for X% or is it working on a other parameter.


Nobody using one of them? I got a picture of the inside of the door opener. Maybe that will help?

Maybe try a search on this forum? Lots of info about Garage door openers.
I don’t have 1, but switches are possible if they have a potential-free contact (also called dry-contact), just connect it in parallel with the existing push button and let the contact close for 1 second.