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Fibaro Motion Sensor looses connection with Homey

Homey version -> 1.5.13 (same experience with v1.5.12)
Fibaro App -> v1.5.18
Fibaro Motion Sensor -> Wake-up Interval Active 7200sec

What did you try to achieve?

My Fibaro Motion Sensor losses connection after a while.
When looking at the zwave network graph it was not ‘offline’ and ‘heal’ does not fix the issue.
After waking up the device manually, by quickly pressing 3x button, the device works for a while.

What was the result?

No communication with the sensor anymore

What did you expect as result?

A nicely working sensor which communicates with Homey

Please assist in solution to get this thing working properly.

Thanks, Patrick

What is the distance between homey and the sensor? Are there other powered zwave devices in between ?

if it is a zwave plus sensor this is a known problem.

Distance between sensor and Homey is about 6 meters
There is a Fibaro Switch in between and thi one is always ‘online’ and connected to the Homey.
Distance between the sensor and switch is 1.5 meter.

Is there any way to fix it? Is this Homey’s fault or Fibaro’s? I’m having the same issues, sometimes it won’t pass on the new state like if there’s any movement. Also sometimes the lux value gets ‘stuck’ so I guess it’s lost connection then.

I’m guessing PSteijn also has a zwave plus sensor. As he’s describing the exact same issues.

EDIT: Will I also have this problem with for example NEO Coolcam? or do you have any advice?

I do not use this senor anymore. I still have a lot of fibaro sensors gen 1. these work well. I also have 2 new sensors Aeotec Multi-sensor 6th These also work very well.

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