Fibaro Dimmer 2 - Dim when lights are on

Good evening

I have installed a couple of Fibaro Dimmer 2 modules and I’m able to dim my lights when using a pushbutton. I use to group app to dim all my lights to 20% at a given time, this works fine if the lights are turned off and if I turn them on using the app or a pushbutton. (they are at the correct brightness)

When the lights are already on, the brightness remains the same and does not go down.

Is there a way to combine the 2 or should I create separate flows for this?


You can combine devices with the < group > app.

Hi @fantross, thanks for your reply.
I’m already using the < group > app and that is working fine but only when the lights are off, the lights don’t transition when they are on.

Sorry, I overread or misunderstood the words:

But then I don’t understand:

If I understand you correct, you want to change the brightness/dim level when the lights already turned on. And you want it by using the grouped devices?
So this isn’t possible?

Create a flow:

Schermafbeelding 2021-06-10 om 09.29.36

The “dim niveau” is of course the value of the dim level from the light that is being dimmed with the button (in the IF card).

Thanks for the examples, I managed to get everything working this way.