Feature request: expand browser dashboard functionality to include all app functions

Since my phone is small and rather slow, I use the browser version for a lot of things. I sometimes use my phone for simple device control and when I need acces to my devices when out of the home. But for creating new flows, troubleshooting, looking up power measurement etc., I use my laptop.

There are three functions the app has that the browser version lacks (and imo is a bit overdue for). That’s seeing a devices associated flows by right-clicking it (like you get in the app by long-tapping), the energy tab, and most importantly, the settings tab. The latter two have been under contruction since the launch of the web version. Especially settings is a weird one to me: You can make advanced flows in the web version, but not even change the speaker volume or the LED ring? I’d really like it if this functionality would be added.

Anyone else who would want this? Or who has found workarounds for some of these functions? (Laptop runs on Windows, so no app.)