Fakro window opener connected to Homey

Hello everyone!
Until recently I operated my Fakro window openers with the wall control (ZWK10) and since I added the window openers to Homey, the wall control no longer works. Can a opener only be connected and operated in 1 way (so either with the wall switch or with Homey, but not both?

Or can I perhaps also connect the ZWK-10 with Homey and then still operate the opener via a Homey flow? Don’t see the wall control as a device in the Fakro app…
Anyone have an idea about this?

I think you should contact the developer mailto:homeyapp+fakro@305.nl
Seems it’s not unique:

Let’s not jump into bad conclusions here. Depending on the product ID should work. I have two roof windows connected to Homey and the remote (ZRH12). You should include the remote as a secundary controller, which is described in the manual of the remote. This makes the remote part of the same z-wave network but it won’t be visible in Homey. In short; Connect the windows to Homey and only then Connect them with the remote again, as described in the manual under secundary controller. The only thing i don’t know is if your specific remote has this function but since it’s Z-Wave it should.

Are you using the right app? Developed by Fakro.

Thx man! I will try out your suggestion. Hopefully my wall controller also supports the secondary mode.

Yes I’m using the official Fakro app since it’s the only one I see for Fakro products.

Hello Martijn,
I have the same remote and the ARZ Zwave sunscreen (rolluik).
I was able to connect the screens with Homey (however only as a ‘simple zwave device’) and could control the screens.
Then I tried to connect my remote (ZRH12) as a secundaire remote. The method described in the manual assumes that there is another remote. And wants you to push buttons on that remote. Which is kind a hard on the homey….

What steps did you take to succeed?

I didn’t use any other remote and I don’t remember that being asked. I needed only the ZRH12 and use a combination of buttons on that one to include the windows.

Let’s get in touch with Fakro to stimulate them to release their update! Find details here:

Great idea!

Good news! :smiley:
See How to contact Fakro app developer - #23 by JonE

Hope that they updated support for ARZ Zwave sunscreen (rolluik).
I could only connect the screens with Homey as a ‘simple zwave device’.

Hey guys! The update is now online!

Continue here please

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