Extreme high measurement values with Fibaro universal sensor and Neo Coolcam PIR

I have 3 Neo Coolcam PIR and sometimes (once a month?) they randomly report an extreme high temperature measured for a short time . (>300 degrees C for 1 minute) and I always thought that this was a bug in these devices.
Now recently i installed a Fibaro universal sensor with two temperature sensors connected to it and suddenly these two also reported an extreme high temperature measured (>>1100 degrees C for 1 minute). Not at the same time though…
So now I’m wondering whether this is a Homey thing instead of a devices thing.
Question: has anybody else seen this behaviour?

When I was using my MCO underfloor heating thermostats with my Fibaro HomeCenter 2 Gateway, I also had short temperature peaks from time to time.
Since I connected them to Homey (about 1 year), the problem has never occurred again.

Therefore I guess that it could have something to do with handling of the Z-Wave data in HC2 or in Homey.
But as I said, it is only a guess.