External MQTT Broker connecting to Homey

because the MQTT broker app stops I installed a mosquitto MQTT broker on my Synology NAS. The broker connnect with HA and the status on HA is updated.
But when I turn off a switch on HA nothing happens on homey. The MQTT explorer does see the message receiving my MQTT broker

Before this I had the homey MQTT broker in use and then it did work.

What am I forgetting?

As far as I see/know Scanno is still working on the app.

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Did you change the adress in the MQTT client?

Hi, I got it working.
In Homey I deleted all devices from the MQTT Hub configuration stopped and started the apps (client and hub) then added all the devices back to MQTT hub restarted the hub again and Broadcasted the status. Now it works both ways.


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Source? Not the facebook rumours I may hope…
The App is still alive…

I started to use HA mqtt broker a while ago, purely b/c I like more apps than my Homey can run :upside_down_face:
But deleting devices wasn’t nessesary overhere. Just start an extra broadcast if all’s been set

Also switched to an external broker a few days ago and must say it looks like homey is a lot.less busy now…


sorry by deleting I meant turnin the switch in the settings of the MQTT hub on homey to send all devices to OFF and later back to ON

just the broadcast did not work.

Thanks all

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