Exporting all Logic variables to MySQL?


Is it possible to traverse all my Logic variables and insert them into my MySQL database in an easy way?

Many thanks!

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Here’s a way to start:


Or the app

That would work for numeric values, Arie, but string and bool variables won’t be exported I think.

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Ah, you might be right Peter!


I have installed the MySQL since earlier and I’m inserting data from my flows into the db. But what I’m really looking for is a (convenient?) way to “flash”-insert/update all of my Logic variables (String/Boolean/Int) ad hoc into the db. So I mirror the Logic variables into MySQL whenever I like to.

I guessing I need a traverse/loop script for all variables and then create a SQL-script with these variables that I will kick off at the the end of the script?


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If you use BetterLogic variables, there are multiple ways of exporting them :wink:

Aha, to bad that I already setup all (hundreds) in Logic! :smiling_face_with_tear:

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