Every app should have it's own sub-forum under the "apps" forum

Doesnt matter how many subforms you make, there wil be always a x amount of members that think when they join a forum that they dont have to read search ect. they just expecting that others search for them and give the answers.

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Here is the evil moderator again.
Drawing the line here.
This topic is about a suggestion for a forum change.
Off topic post will be deleted without further notice.
Any problems with evil moderators can be shared via PM or reported directly to Athom.

Personaly i think 1000 subforums wont make it more organised. As stated already a few post above, the biggest “problem” are the users themself. You can agree with it or not thats ok, but as long people dont take some time to find the answer them self…… you wont get i right.

longer App topics for example Heimdall, fibaro, Xiaomi ect … even with the search option within the topic, is not very clear with different discussion between different people.

I think a good start would be.

1 Every App should have one Main topic in the section apps on the forum. (there stil apps that havent a own topic) And the Moderators should move the rest of the topics out the App section.

2 Within the app topic, 1 sub forum “tips tricks explonation” where only the App owner can make their posts, and users only can read. Now most devolpers make 2/3 of the first post in a topic as resverd, but often thats not enough.

Sorry, but this is exactly where it goes wrong, the users are the people that payed money to get a product and thus made sure the lights are still on in Athom HQ. In fact, this community exists by the grace of its users so as long as they show respect and communicate in a normal mature way we can not blame them for not following ‘our rules’ and have to accept their first steps in this community differ from how we would like to see it.
If we see a question that has been asked before, either answer it (perhaps with a link to the other thread) or move on. There is nothing won with bashing a newcomer, only lost because the newcomer will get a very bad first experience with our community and a negative first experience is very hard to fix. The next newcomer will also not be helped because he/she will not search and thus find the post.

(I specifically use the we form in this post and not the you form because I feel every community member has this responsibility)


Who is bashing newcomers? The ones that point out (how) to use the search and even take the time to post a link to a possible answer get bashed. Not by the newbies, but by other “senior” members… So far for the community (we ALL help to thrive) spirit…
And then the “ignore the question” part. If we all do that, how would that help to leave a good first impression for the new users???