Everspring SP816-1 outdoor doesn’t work properly

After z-wave integration, Homey recognize the device. But after 2 min, all detections are frozen ! Homey said : “Device connection error”. However, the distance between Homey to Everspring device is less than 5 meters. Do you have any idea ?

Does it keep working when the device and homey are very close to each other. And close means really close.

Do you have routers between?

Normal 5 m should not be a problem but every house is different.

That’s right, I just put them in front of the Homey, two inches away. No detection as soon as I pass in front of it. But you can see it detects something, since the device turns red…

The flashing red light only means that the motion sensor has detected movement, but not that there is a connection between the device and Homey. It could be that the motion sensor was not properly included.
I would exclude and re-include the sensor (in close distance to Homey, only a few centimeters away!) and check how it behaves then. Possibly check the connection in Insights.

Do you have a good Z-Wave mesh? Have you installed several repeaters (power-operated devices)?