Eufy indoor camera and IKEA motion sensor detect motion when there is none

I have a issue with motion sensing. Eufy indoor tilt & pan camera and IKEA motion sensor detect motion when there is none. Happens randomly. Only seem to happen with the IKEA trådfri motion sensor I have down in the basement. I have not exprienced the same with the others I have.

I have tried to set sensitivity on Eufy to high, did not seem to help. For IKEA trådfri motion sensor I cant really adjust sensitivity.

Any suggestions to what I could do?

Is there any sunlight or light from outside in the basement?

No natural light at all.

Ah. You can try to turn the face of the camera and motion sensor in a corner and see if you still have movement. Or place them temporary in another room to check if the sensors are fine.

Are there any water pipes, drain pipes or heating pipes? That the sensors are reacting on that?

I might have figured it out. We will see. I have to wait and see. I have done two things now.

  1. Moved IKEA motion sensor out of range of camera so that camera motion does not trigger that one
  2. … and set up a flow to turn off camera when flow to turn off lights triggers. I noticed that for the camera that is when it seems to happen.

Does not fully explain it though, because the reason I purchased camera was notifications about movement while I was not home from IKEA sensor. But maybe, maybe, moving it fixed that issue.

Could dust trigger it? Do you know?

Did not work. Just now I got a notification saying human detected and there was nobody down there. I could see something though, looks like dust or something floating in front of lens few seconds after recording started.

Don’t now if it could react on dust… don’t think so. Otherwise more people would have this problem.

Are there any water pipes, drain pipes or heating pipes in the basement?

I dont know for sure, but since this is a basement I suspect there might be some pipes going down through the wall. Could be both heating and drain pipes.

Got 72 false alarms during the night. I have now moved it down from celling and put it on my computer desk to see if I get the same result. Not the safest position if someone breaks in, but works for testing purposes.

If there are no visible pipes there is no problem. Could be dust then… or a broken sensor.

I might have figured it out. knock on wood After moving it down on the computer desk, no false alarms. So I started wondering, maybe it was sound or something from pipes going down the wall.

I found a seconds place where you can turn of sound detection. I disabled that. I then mounted it on the roof again, but this time further away from the wall and since no false alarms. Not sure if it was moving it further away from the wall that did it or if it was disabling sound detection, but it seems to work now. Will update thread if not. Might be helpful to others with similar issue.

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Still false alarms. But its fine. I will use a workaround instead. I have disabled Eufy notifications and instead set up a flow that send push alert if both camera and at least one more sensor detects activity (door or IKEA trådfri motion sensor).