Enabling Homey Alexa skill fails


For about a year, I’m a happy Homey Pro 2023 user. Just lately, I noticed our Alexa Echo Dot is not giving any verbal notifications from Homey flows anymore. In the Homey app, I see the Echo Dot giving a 401 error. I figured if I relink the Alexa Homey skill, I would have been logged in again.

However, upon enabling the Homey skill, I get this error response:

Is there an issue with the Homey Alexa skill? If anyone has a clue on how to solve, I’m all ears! :grinning:

I’m seeing the same ‘unauthorised’ error from the Homey Alexa app. It’s not directly related to the Alexa Homey skill, however - the two run independently from each other.

I’m still collecting data so I can report the problem with useful information but it seems the Homey Alexa app’s credentials expire every now and then. To fix the problem I have to use the Alexa app’s ‘cog’ settings to relink it. I usually have to restart the app to get the option to reconnect, and it sometimes takes a few goes to make it work.

I don’t have the same problem with the Alexa skill as you but I do see load failures when trying to reconnect the Homey app, so I suspect there’s some instability relating to the connection between Homey and Amazon. Persistence might fix the issue.