Enable flow versus start flow

What is the difference between enable flow versus start flow? And is it somewhere I can find documentation for this kind of questions? I have a “Pretend like I am home” which starts 60 minutes before sunset. Should my “Away” mode enable or start this flow?


Enable a flow makes a flow active, which is most useful for automatic flows. In contrast, disable a flow will prevent a flow from running.

E.g. I have disabled all my automatic light flows while on holiday so the cats don’t trigger them while we are not at home

Start flow executes another flow following the one you put this in

Start flow - starts the flow
Enable flow: makes it possible to start the flow, like disable makes it impossible for the flow to run.

U also can only start a flow which has “This flow is started” as a trigger in the WHEN part.


A flow that is disabled, cannot be started…

Unless he edited his post that’s exactly what he said.

Thanks! Everything is working perfect now by enabling/disabling flows.

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For me it’s possible to start any flow within another flow. So also the ones without the “This flow is started”-part.

That will be correct