Else only flows

So I’ve searched the forums but somehow the search term is too generic.

How can I create a else only flow? In the old firmware, the else is an easy drag and drop. With the new mobile only version, I can only drag a else operation only if there is another operation already above.

I see it’s possible since my older flows made from v1.5 firmware still have a else only flow there.

This you can do in ‘and’

Thanks for this but I really only want to use the ELSE because the AND section has a limit of only 3 conditions with the OR operator, but unlimited if I select the INVERSE of the conditions I want and put the action required to execute in the ELSE. This reduces the numbers of flows I have.
This was a workaround to reduce my flow shared in the older forum here

Maybe my workaround now is to create a NULL virtual device to trigger the the THEN so I can use my card in the ELSE section

Rather then using a null as a trigger, could you just ‘flow -> start a flow’ as the action.

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That null is there (in the THEN slot before the ELSE) so I can use the ELSE slot and not to trigger a flow. Basically a virtual device that does nothing…
My desired actions happen in the ELSE slot.

Unless I’m understanding it wrongly

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No what @viix means is to place a dummy action in the THEN as in v2 0 at least one action in the THEN is required before you can use the ELSE option.

I had seen this change from 1.5.x but I understand ( assume ) it would be to confusing for many users when they put the first card by accident below the ELSE .

Therefore I see your option to put a dummy action in the THEN as best workaround keeping the interface logical for the other users.